Yoko Kita

Naruto City Board of Education


Effective usage of ICT in review and feedback in EFL class

Sat, Jun 6, 10:00-10:30 JST

Office 365 Forms is a useful service which collects students’ feedback. It is generally used to create feedback questionnaires due to the easy access and collection of data. However, Office 365 Forms is also worthwhile in creating review quizzes which students can easily access with their smartphones. Students scan the QR code of quizzes created via Office 365 Form and then send the answers. The results of the quizzes pop up on their smartphones immediately so that students can see their test results promptly. This can help university students obtain a small sense of accomplishment. Motivating undergraduate students in liberal arts classes to study English is challenging even though they are expected to pass STEP Eiken grade 2 by the end of the course. The forms can be used for building vocabulary as well as reading comprehension proficiency. I did a pre and a post survey asking university students how they felt about their vocabulary building skills. In addition, I did a post survey on how satisfied the students were with the usage of the feedback questionnaires via Office 365 form. The results will be shown in the poster presentation.