Dr. Charles Browne

Meiji Gakuin University

Professor of TESOL and Applied Linguistics and head of the EFL Teacher Training Program at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo Japan. Specialist in corpus linguistics, vocabulary and reading, especially as they apply to online learning environments. Creator of many free, open-source vocabulary lists, learning apps, text analysis tools, extensive reading websites and more.


Utilizing Corpus-based Wordlists with Free Online Resources: A Modular Approach

Sat, Jun 6, 13:00-14:10 JST

This presentation will briefly introduce 7 open-source, corpus-derived high frequency vocabulary word lists that the presenter helped to create for second language learners of English, and then move on to introduce and demonstrate a large and growing number of free, pedagogically-driven online tools apps and resources for helping to utilize these lists for teaching, learning, assessment, materials creation as well as research and analysis. The tools include interactive flashcards, diagnostic tests, games, vocabulary profiling apps, text creation tools, and more. Each word list offers extremely high coverage (92% or higher) of language in that genre and includes lists for general daily English (New General Service List or NGSL), spoken English (New General Service List-Spoken or NGSL-S), academic English (New Academic Word List or NAWL), business English (Business Service List or BSL), TOEIC English (TOEIC Service List or TSL), children’s English (New Dolch List or NDL) and fitness English (Fitness English List or FEL). Most lists were developed in a modular approach so they can be efficiently mixed and matched to meet a broad range of academic needs.

Closing Forum

Sun, Jun 7, 16:40-17:30 JST

A discussion of where we move on from here. Scheduled to finish at 17:15 but may run over.

Lunch + Breakout Rooms

Sat, Jun 6, 11:50-13:00 JST

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Lunch + Breakout rooms

Sun, Jun 7, 11:50-13:00 JST

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