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Lunch + Breakout rooms #94

Sun, Jun 7, 11:50-13:00 JST

Relax meet new people and computer with them

Relax meet new people and computer with them

Host: Joseph Tomei

I'm a professor in the Faculty of British and American Studies at Kumamoto Gakuen University. I've taught EFL in France, Spain, and Japan at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. ... more

Host: Gary Ross

Hi, I'm Gary the creator of this website and the co-chair of JALTCALL2020. I work at Kanazawa University where I develop online-learning systems with a focus on speech recognition.

Host: Louise Ohashi

Louise Ohashi is a CALL/MALL enthusiast who has taught English in a wide range of contexts in Japan and abroad. She is currently an Associate Professor at Meiji University and ... more

Host: James York

Co-chair of the JALTCALL2020 conference Co-editor of Ludic Language Pedagogy

Host: Erin Noxon

I've got a Dr. on my name, I'm a Google Certified Innovator, and I teach at Sagano High School in Kyoto. Let's see... I've taught communicative English, life science, integrated ... more

Host: Dr. Charles Browne

Professor of TESOL and Applied Linguistics and head of the EFL Teacher Training Program at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo Japan. Specialist in corpus linguistics, vocabulary and reading, especially as ... more